If you're anything like us, you've tried everything to recreate the perfectly clear ice cubes you've seen at your neighborhood craft  bar. However, the path to achieving clear ice at home is murky at best. We'd like to offer some clarity on the matter by answering some questions about True Cubes® and examining the most common methods and myths circulating in the clear ice world. 

Q: How should My Cubes look with True Cubes?

The classic cube

The classic cube


A: Our True Cubes® tray should consistently make clear cubes using regular tap water.  There may be a few micro bubbles around the outside.  These are normal and will go away after a few moments in your beverage.

To get the absolute best results, consult our tips and techniques page.

Q: What about those extra cubes in the bottom tray?

A: The True Cubes® tray makes four clear ice cubes in the top tray.  The bottom chamber is used to assist the directional freezing process and does not make clear ice cubes!  Discard the ice in the bottom chamber or use it for other purposes.


Q: What's the best way to extract the cubes?

A: Simple.  A few key tips are to separate the top cubes like shown, and be sure not to leave the unit in your freezer longer than  18-22 hours.  Get the full tutorial on our Tips and Techniques page.

Q: What about all those other clear ice techniques?

A: Clear ice myths are quite common.  We've heard them all and tried all of the techniques with less than optimum results.  Some people will suggest boiling the water or the double boil method (doesn't work).  Others will suggest using purified water (doesn't work). In fact, if you have tried using purified water in the True Cubes® unit, you may have noticed you get clear ice but you also get a "fireworks" patterns of micro bubbles in your ice cube.  Just stick with at least 50% hot tap water and you'll be good to go.

Q: What are the tray dimensions?

The tray is 7" x 7" x 6" - about the size of a 1.5-quart carton of ice cream.