True Cubes Ice Tray Purifies Water and Reduces Total Dissolved Solids by 95%

True Cubes Ice Tray Purifies Water and Reduces Total Dissolved Solids by 95%

Putting a cloudy ice cube in an artisan cocktail or a glass of fine whiskey is a little akin to spray painting a handlebar moustache on a Rembrandt. It can ruin a perfectly good work of art. It’s not simply a matter of aesthetics. It’s also a matter of water quality and purity. 

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are invisible, dissolved minerals that occur naturally in ground water and are typically found in tap water. Not all TDS are bad; they can be organic and inorganic substances such as minerals, salts, metals and other things. However, TDS presence in water slightly raises the pH, and you can taste the difference. A higher amount of TDS may result in water tasting bitter, salty or metallic. Sometimes, you can even detect an unpleasant odor coming from your water. 

When you’re pouring a fine whiskey or bourbon, or concocting a labor-intensive handcrafted cocktail, the last thing you want is a poor quality cube affecting the smell and taste of your precious libation. Your ice cubes should not have any affect on your beverage other than chilling your glass and look great while doing it!  

We have always known that the patented True Cubes design mimics nature's own freezing process to create purer ice cubes. But now we finally have the proof. 

We engaged with Brelje and Race Laboratories, Inc. to test the TDS reduction of the True Cubes freezing process.  We started out with a sample of typical tap water with a TDS measurement of 190.  After freezing the same tap water with True Cubes and melting it again, we found the TDS was down to an astonishing value of less than 10! (Their equipment is not sensitive enough to measure concentrations lower than 10 so we do not know exactly how pure the water actually is.)  This is at least a whopping 95% reduction.

These test results reinforce what we’ve always believed: that you don't need to invest expensive, fancy purification or filtration methods to get tasteless, odorless ice. Cheers!  

Featured in The Washington Post 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

Featured in The Washington Post 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

2017 has been a year of growth for our team, as we work behind the scenes to bring clear ice into the mainstream. We have continued to see reviews flood in from self-proclaimed “ice snobs,” whiskey connoisseurs and artisan cocktail makers. As you know, we take clear ice very seriously — and cherish each and every one of the reviews and endorsements that have come out about True Cubes this year.

That’s why we are so excited to be included in The Washington Post’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. The product list was curated by Washington Post editors and Consumer Reports experts, who tested many of the products. To have such authorities helping us spread the clear ice word is a true milestone for True Cubes!  A huge thank you to The Washington Post for the inclusion!



Read the complete Holiday Gift Guide, here.

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